Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Enclosure Project

I finally finished my project, well I finished the enclosure, but still need to finish the electronics and write the code. I decided to use pots instead of the faders because it was much easier to fabricate. I haven't rigged up the LED's yet, but plan to do it sometime soon.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Enclosure Project

Hello all,
Lately I have been very busy with school and exams and other stuff so I haven't had much time for working on electronics projects, but with the new term, I have started woodwork class, and our woodwork project is to make a nice wooden box. So I decided to make a music mixer that will control music in Ableton Live. I plan on using 6 faders and possibly some switches. The main body will be made of wood and the top will be see through, this way I can put some RGB LED's under the faders for some cool illumination. I might also put an audio jack in the side so I can use the synth program too. When I'm done the project, (which should be tomorrow, at least the enclosure) I will post some pictures. If anyone wants to make a project like this just send me an a message and Ill see if I can do a tutorial or something along those lines.