Saturday, January 3, 2009

Arduino Robot Platform 1.1

I have finished making the first prototype of my robot platform. It was pretty simple to make. I had a few bugs such as bridging 5v and Ground pins and frying my Arduino. I had to go and get another one, luckily there is a Electronics shop 20 minutes from my house that sells them so I was able to start working the next day.Hey you learn from your mistakes! The main parts are:
- Arduino
- Freeduino Motor Shield
- Cardboard Chassis
- Lithium Battery
- Battery Adapter
- Gear Box
- Wheels
I also bought some different light sensors and soldered them up so they each had female headers, makes it a lot easier to prototype. I bought the LCD screen for two dollars from my local electronics surplus store. There is even an Arduino Library to run it so it is really easy to use. (Library: I set it up so that it displays analog input from a photo diode. The first picture is with ambient lamp light. The second picture is with the diode covered by my finger. The next step is to create a line following sensor PCB and fabricate it. Then use the PID Library to write a line following program.