Saturday, January 3, 2009

Arduino Synth 3.2

Hello, I just finished designing the upgraded PCB for the Arduino Synth. Its new features are:
  • Audio Output
  • 6 Sliding Pots
  • 2 SPDT Switches
  • 2 Status LED's

Now that the pitch doesnt need to have its own pot, I can have seperate volume envalopes for each oscillator making it much more interesting. Also with the two switches, I can implement a choice between Square and Triangle waves. Also the board is much more compact now that all the pots are attatched to the board. I havnt actually fabricated a PCB yet, but I plan to within the next week.

Future hardware Features:

  • A DAC
  • A LCD Interface

Here's a Parts List:

G – Ground
5V – Voltage In
L1 – Serial Status LED, Yellow
L2 – Power Status LED, Red
R1, R2 – 220Ohm Resisters
R3 – 50Ohm Resister
SW1, SW2 – SPDT Switch
AUDIO – Audio Output Jack
MIDI – Midi jack w/ Breakout Board
J1, J2, J3, J4 – Assorted Jumper Wires
IC – 6N137 Optocoupler 10MBit
Squares – Male or Female Headers

This board is getting to the point where I can't fabricate it myself anymore, so I'm thinking of making this into a kit with a double-sided silkscreened PCB. Please Give me some input.